FAQ english.

What happens next after I submitted my order?

After submitting your order via the price calculator you will first receive an automatic confirmation by e-mail that your order has been received.
If anything is unclear, I'll contact you again with inquiries about your project.
Within the booked timeframe you will receive a download link to your voice recording - together with your invoice.
For foreign & first-time buyers, I reserve the right to prepayment.

What information should I provide after booking?

If not already done via the price calculator, please send me your final script as PDF or Word file. In addition, it is helpful if you tell me in which style you want me to voice your script, e.g. friendly, factual, explanatory etc.
If your text contains technical terms or brand names that require a special pronunciation, please let me know how they are pronounced correctly. You are also welcome to send me an mp3-file with any special terms (which you may simply record using your smartphone) via e-mail.
In case you want me to sync the voice recording to an existing video, please send me the video or a download link to the video.

I already have an English video and I need to record a synchronous language track in German. What is there to pay attention to?

When texts are translated from English into German, they usually turn out about 20% longer. So that the German language track fits the English video anyway (without sounding rushed), you can now either extend the video (which is the simplest solution especially for animated videos) or shorten the German translation accordingly.

Can I also order a lip-sync recording?

Although I also work as a voice actor, lip syncing a completely different field with far more work steps. Therefore, I do not offer lip-sync recordings here.

Can I get a faster delivery of my recording?

No problem. Please contact me before adding the 48- or 24-hour express delivery option to make sure that I am available.

Are all usage rights included in the price?

You may use your recording as long as you wish, e.g. at trade fairs, on your website or in publicly available sources.
If you would like to use your recording as paid online advertising (e.g. in the form of a paid Facebook post or in Youtube advertising slots, such as videos that are displayed before, during or after a video content), please book the option "License for Online Advertising ". With this option you acquire the right to use the voice recording in that area without any limit in time or space.
Radio or TV spots may not be booked via the price calculator. Please contact me for an individual offer.

What happens if I discover a mistake in my recording?

Of course, if I make a mistake, I will correct it immediately and send you the new version in a timely manner.

Is there a possibility to have a text re-recorded after a major subsequent text change?

If you notice, after the recording is finished, that larger text changes require a re-recording, I offer you the option of a second recording at half price. This means that the entire text is voiced again in order to sound "like one piece" in the end. The only prerequisite for this is that the original version has not been used publicly anywhere.

Can I also combine several voice recordings in one order?

The price calculator is designed for orders of individual texts. If you would like several texts to be voiced, then please order each recording separately via the price calculator. Alternatively, feel free to contact me and I will provide you with a complete offer for all texts.

How can I get an offer for radio or TV advertising?

Please send me an email with your script & the planned field of application and I will send you a suitable offer.

Can I get my voice recording together with a matching music track?

Sure, of course. I am happy to offer you a suitable, high-quality piece of music for your recording. You can use this - just like your voice recording - for an unlimited period of time.

Can I get my voice recording cut and mixed onto my existing video?

That is also possible! Please send me your materials (video & music or let me suggest a piece of music from my large, very high-quality collection) and I will create the right offer for you.